Tosohatachee Field Trip Report – April 8, 2018

We had 14 birders and plant enthusiasts join us for the adventure. Each driver had a walkie-talkie, so birds were pointed out even on route to Tosahatchee. Our board of directors was well represented with Deborah Longman Marien, Lora Losi, myself, and Jim Stahl handling the plant portion. If you look at the bird list…you will see that this particular location is very nice indeed. When we weren’t working birds…Jim was pointing out many, many native plants including some rare ones. This year we had our lunch picnic way out at Lake Charlie….and everyone loved the location. We only do this trip once per year, so don’t miss it next year. Matt Heyden

Below are the birds we saw that day:

Brown headed nut hatch red headed woodpecker, limpkin, bachman’s sparrow, northern parula, white eyed vireo, turkey vulture, pileated wood pecker, red shouldered hawk, belted kingfisher, great blue heron, white ibis, great egret, little blue heron, mottled duck, green heron, anhinga, glossy ibis, boat talled grackle, mocking bird, osprey, black vulture, cattle egret, bald eagle, mourning dove, crow sp, red eyed vireo, tufted titmouse, northern cardinal, blue gray gnatcatcher, red bellied wood pecker, great crested fly catcher, pine warbler, blue bird, palm warbler, Carolina wren.