Blue Heron Field Trip Report-Dec 11, 2016


Here’s this morning’s bird list in the order that our group of 12 bireder saw them.  king fisher, mourning dove, black bellied whistling duck, collared dove, Caspian tern, cormorant, common gallinule, coot, both grackles, cat bird, blue wing teal, yellow rump warbler ,red shouldered hawk, Carolina wren, robin, palm warbler, American bittern, glossy ibis great blue heron, white ibis, cattle egret, sora, northern harrier, purple gallinule, marsh wren, laughing gull, savannah sparrow, bald eagle, wood stork, pied billed grebe, green wing teal, red tailed hawk, cooper’s hawk, tri-color heron, red wing black bird, killdeer