Lori Wilson Park, Saturday, April 16, 1916

It was great to see so many birding friends today at Lori Wilson Park!  Blustery winds from the NE seemed to keep the birds from yesterday in the Hammock. However, activity wasn’t much before 9 am, quiet after 11:30.  It was a lot more work today tracking down the warblers; low or mid-section of the trees. I birded with Camille and Bob.  Many Gray Catbirds were still around, singing, calling and picking through the leaves and we hoped one would turn into a Swainson’s (no). There was a Red-eyed Vireo and the most uncommon today-a Green Heron!  Bob spotted a very yellow-breasted, white undertail bird (maybe the Yellow-breasted Chat), but after much effort we couldn’t relocate.  He also had an “orangy-necked” bird that wasn’t relocated (possible Blackburnian).
Black and White-6-8
Common Yellowthroat-2
American Redstart-2, m, f
Cape May-at least 8-10, m,f
Northern Parula
Blackpoll-1 m(maybe 2)
Black-throated Blue, m
Prairie-12, m,f
Phyllis Mansfield,
Cocoa Beach, FL
Every Day a New Adventure

Lori Wilson Park, April 15, 2016

Finally the weather pattern was in our favor at Lori Wilson in Cocoa Beach!  Rain yesterday dropped in quite a few warblers, and north wind may keep then in another day. Fun birding today with Kitty, Rachel and Nate.
Also saw a BLUE GROSBEAK in the Hammock.
Worm-eating-2 or 3
Black-and White-, 6-m.f
Common Yellowthroat-1 m
American Redstart-2 m
Cape May-at least 8 m,f-mostly male
Northern Parula-2 m, f
Blackburnian-1 m, thanks to Nate
Blackpoll-1 m
Black-throated Blue—2 m
Prairie-12-m, f, mostly male
Yellow-breasted Chat-1 m-continuing from a few days this week. Lifer for Rachel and Nate!
Phyllis Mansfield,
Cocoa Beach, FL
Every Day a New Adventure

Turkey Creek Trip Report – April 15, 2016

Despite the threatening weather, 15  birders came for the Turkey Creek Field Trip and all birded well into the morning and some stayed until after 12!  Unfortunately, it was a slow morning, perhaps because of the unusual winds, although it did pick up some after 10:30.  The list of sightings is a collective list, although all who stayed the longest saw the majority of these birds. The birds were very scattered and not in large flocks and generally did not forage long in any spot:

Warblers seen:

1.       BLACK AND WHITE (4)
2.       PARULA (3, more heard)
3.       OVENBIRD (2)
4.       WORM-EATING (3)
5.       PRAIRIE (1)
6.       CAPE MAY (2)
7.       HOODED  (1)

Three Vireo species were seen -Blue-headed, Yellow-throated and Red-eyed.  Swallow-tailed Kites were seen late, once in the parking lot as we were leaving. Also seen were a Carolina Wren, Cardinals, Catbirds, several Purple Martins, Red-shouldered Hawk, White Ibis and Little-Blue Heron in the air, Black Vulture, Mourning Dove, Blue Jay and a Wood Duck.

A nice surprise as we were leaving were two male Indigo Buntings adjacent to the parking lot. The length of the walk and time spent, especially because much was seen late, made this only an o.k. day – perhaps better if started later. But, the participants were intrepid and it was a pleasant morning.

Bill Haddad
Palm Bay, Fl.